New Zealand Punjabi Multimedia Trust

To broadcast, telecast and via print media recognize the achievement and service of Kiwis of Punjabi diaspora  in the   areas of Art, culture, language, sports, volunteering and community work in New Zealand.

To establish Art, culture, sports and community multimedia awards for people of Punjabi diaspora New Zealand to encourage their participation and excellence in cultural, sports and community work.

To cover the work of individuals, organization, businesses in the Punjabi community to develop cohesive and integrated communities

To support individuals helping people of Punjabi diaspora to enjoy and participate in their chosen passion in New Zealand.

To raise awareness of Punjabi culture, language, sports, volunteering among Kiwi Punjabis and advance their spirit of community development in New Zealand.

To promote, establish, operate or maintain facilities for child, youth, elderly in Art, culture, sports, language programmes, skills and coaching training as may benefit the wider  Punjabi community in New Zealand.

To educate and promote the  benefits  of  cultural participation and integration in  sports to young people of Punjabi origin and those who are associated with sports and physical education in school, colleges , private institutions, clubs and universities.

To provide scholarships and opportunities for training and participation in local, regional, nation and international events to amateur sportsperson, cultural groups and individuals  of Punjabi origin and teams.

To encourage new migrants of Punjabi origin to participate in cultural, Sports, volunteering and community work that will help them integrate in New Zealand through an orientation programme

To create develop and promote community development programmes that are culturally and sensitively safe to all Punjabis in New Zealand.

to utilize opportunities offered by various organizations in New Zealand to create , develop interest of Punjabis in what New Zealand has to offer in terms of sports, cultural and community development to work on wider outreach initiatives.

3.1.12 to conduct and perform all such acts and deeds as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of our objectives.